Welcome to Our New Site

We’ve been hard at work on a new website for you, and it’s finally ready. Our site has been a huge part of our growth and success over the last few years, and we hope the new design can continue and expand upon the work of the old. This isn’t just a fresh coat of paint though, and there are a couple changes I want to point out specifically.
Mount Hope Wholesale is Proud to Introduce an all new website

Usual Choices

The big change is the introduction of ‘Your Usual Choices‘. Placing a big order before could be a pain, but this new feature should make it a breeze. There were two main hurdles slowing down the ordering process before:

  1. We have over 500 products across 16 categories
  2. The only add to cart button was on a product’s detail page

So if you wanted to order a dozen things, you had to navigate to at least a dozen individual product pages, and you may have needed to visit a number of different category pages to get to them.

Mount Hope Wholesale is Proud to Introduce an all new website
Of course, no one business uses all of our different products. The vast majority of the kitchens we supply don’t typically use more than 30 or so individual products. Browsing from category to category through 500+ items to get to the couple dozen you care about is a painful process to repeat week after week.

Now, when you log in, you’ll land on a page that has all the products you buy in one place. Products are sorted by frequency so the things ordered most often will be up top, and you can add to cart without visiting the product’s detail page. For routine orders of the items you usually purchase, you won’t have to leave this page until you’re ready to checkout. It should greatly speed up the process of restocking your kitchen from Mount Hope.

Personal Shopping

Our site has generated so much interest over the last few years that we’re ready to try something entirely new. We’re now proud to offer our products to people at home for their own personal use. Wholesale accounts still enjoy better pricing, but personal shoppers don’t need to meet minimums and don’t have to be running a business to establish an account. Learn more at this page if you’re interested.

Mobile Friendly

The old design was intended for a laptop or desktop, and was difficult to use on a mobile phone. This new site will now work MUCH more nicely if you’re visiting us on a small device. The design will adapt to whatever screen you’re on, and the layout should be easy and intuitive to navigate no matter where you are. What used to require pinching to zoom in and panning all around is now a simple matter of scrolling up and down.

Secure Credit Card Saving

One of our most requested features has been the ability to save a credit card to your account. Well, now you can. Between this and the new Usual Choices view, re-ordering should be faster than ever.

Clearer Focus

We’ve simplified the layout, so you can more easily focus on the job you’re here to do. By eliminating a lot of clutter, and better organizing the stuff you really need, we’ve made the process of browsing for product and adding it to your cart easier and more obvious. We also made the photography a higher priority, so you get an even better idea of what the product looks like, and a clearer sense of its quality.

I hope the new site makes your experience shopping with Mount Hope Wholesale even better.