Smoked Chipotle and Cyprus Sea Salt

Introducing Cyprus Flake Sea Salt and Smoked Chipotle Salt

Mount Hope Wholesale is excited to add two new salts to our lineup.

Cyprus Flake Sea Salt is great used as a finishing salt for everything from your meats to the rim of your margaritas! This sea salt comes to us from the island of Cyprus in the Mediterranean and it has a unique pyramid shape to its flakes. Sprinkle just a pinch of this delicious salt onto your beautifully cooked veggies, meats or fish filets to add a final touch of flavor and texture before serving.

Our other new addition is a naturally flavored salt. Chipotle Salt is a great way to incorporate instant flavor into your salsa, guacamole, or cheese dip with a hint of smoked jalepeno. With a dash of this specialty salt, you can add a smoky South of the Border flavor to your dips and other dishes.

Both are available now and join our wide range of other flavored and sea salts.