Grand Canyon Gorp, a New Trail Mix

Grand Canyon Gorp

Since at least the 1910s, hikers and campers have been counting on the simple combination of nuts, raisins and chocolate for easy to pack energy. Protein and quickly digestible sugar can keep you going when you’re out on the trail trying to get to your next site before sundown. This original gorp ingredient list was first recorded by Horace Kephart in his 1916 outdoor guide, The Book of Camping and Woodcraft.

The basics have been supplemented or swapped out ever since to accommodate personal tastes far and wide. In fact, our own Deluxe Trail Mix is a combination of supplementing AND swapping. There’s no chocolate in our Deluxe, and we add pineapple and papaya, as well as up the ante with some more prestigious nuts like brazil nuts, and hazelnuts. The result has been a popular choice for our customers, but ‘deluxe’ isn’t always what you’re after when you’re about to hit the trail for a hike.

Our brand new Grand Canyon Gorp is, mostly, a return to the classic vision of a hearty, energy packed, and low-cost trail mix. Peanuts and green raisins make up the bulk of the mix. M&Ms are added for some sweetness, and almonds and cashews are included for an extra injection of protein, and for their savory flavor and crunch.

Great on the trail or by the campfire (or heck, even at the bar), our Grand Canyon Gorp is the perfect mix of crunchy and chewy, of salty and sweet. Try some out today and enjoy Mount Hope’s version of classic trail mix.