Discontinued Items

Here we bid farewell to those items that are no longer available, not in demand, or have just generally fallen from favor. At Mount Hope Wholesale, we handle over 500 unique ingredients, and are always looking for new and interesting items to add to the portfolio. The flip side of that coin is that sometimes we need to discontinue items that are slow selling.

So Long to the Roast

Early 2020

Our brief run with the roasted pecan halves has come to an end. This was brought on by special request, but never really got much tration. Raw pecan halves, as well as roasted pieces are still available.

Raw Pecan Halves Roasted Pecan Pieces

Switching to Private Label

Early 2020

We’re switching our premium milk powder to a private label Organic variation, instead of the retail packages from Bob’s Red Mill. This allows us to upgrade to an organic product without having to raise the the price for the shiny Bob’s bag, and we can offer it in bulk!

Organic Low Fat Milk Powder

A Couple Farewells

Early 2020

A couple slow movers coming off the list as 2019 was jammed with new items. We’re discontinuing our ‘Hi-Pro’ flour. We only sold this by the full sack, and there just wasn’t much interest. We also removed the ivory white lentils from the portfolio. We move a lot of the other colors, but this just didn’t seem to appeal to most.

Formerly Bhutanese Red Rice

Simplifying Matters in November 2019

We are simplifying our red rice offering by settling on one. We previously offered Himalayan as well as Bhutanese. However the Bhutanese became simply ‘red’ because we had to source it from more than just Bhutan. The truth is that the vast majority of our customers choose the Himalayan red rice.

Himalayan Style Red Rice

Whole Wheat Israeli Couscous

Byebye – Couscous, In November 2019

While both whole wheat couscous and Israeli couscous remain popular staples for us, the combination of the two just didn’t seem to capture many imaginations.

Israeli Couscous

Whole Wheat Couscous

Pineapple Tidbits

Facing the Music in October, 2019

Our pineapple tidbits, despite being an in-house favorite, never really caught on. We had to make room on the shelves for other product, and the time finally came to say farewell. Our other pineapple products are here

Pineapple Rings

Pineapple Diced

Raisin Snack Boxes

Cleared Out in January, 2019

We still have organic raisins, just not the (rather unpopular) snack boxes. Check out our organic Thompson raisins below.

Organic Thompson Raisins

Spinach Cous Cous

Saying so long in November, 2018

Not much to say about this one. You guys just weren’t that into it. We have plenty of cous cous options still available though. And we have spinach powder that could be added to get you pretty close.

Spinach Powder

Roasted Coconut Chips

A little thinner as of August, 2018

Our thick-cut large coconut chips have been discontinued in favor of the much less expensive and thinner-cut pieces. We carried both side by side for a time, but the pricing on the thin chips is better enough that the thick cut just don’t make sense anymore.

Roasted, Salted & Sweetened Coconut Chips

Spring Cleaning 2018

It’s that time of year…

Things are always changing, and you guys keep us on our toes. We’re clearing some room for all the new things we’ve been bringing in. These items have fallen out of favor, and have been discontinued: Black-eyed Peas, Omega-7 Purée, and our Hummus Mix.

Raspberry Cream Granola

Sold the last in April, 2018

This wasn’t our best selling granola, but it was beloved by some. This is no longer available to us. We’re sad to see it go, but here are a couple recommendations for replacements.

Cherry Vanilla Granola

Blueberry Flax Granola

Oregano Powder, Just Not the Same

Discontinued March, 2018

Oregano is just infinitely more popular in its whole leaf form. We carried the ground variation for quite some time, but it just isn’t something that enough people are interested in to hold on to any longer. Our two whole leaf Oreganos are available here.

Whole Mediterranean Oregano

Whole Mexican Oregano

An Organic Raisin Swap

Switched in March, 2018

When we first brought on an organic raisin, we selected a crimson raisin. After the first couple runs of these, we decided to switch to an organic Thompson Raisin instead. Check them out.

Thompson Organic Raisins

Our Holiday Tray Is Gone

Sold out in January, 2018

Our snack tray for the 2017 holiday season is all sold out. The Mingus Mix was our first stab at a special seasonal snack tray. We learned a couple things, and look forward to 2018’s versions.

Nice Knowing You Natural Apple Rings

Removed from the line-up in January, 2018

The natural rings just were not as popular as their sulphured variant. Due to lack of customer interest, this product is discontinued now, making room for exciting newcomers.

Bye Bye Brazilian Cheese Bread

Said ‘Até mais tarde’ in October, 2017

Brazilian Cheese Bread, or Pao de Queijo, is fantastic, but we just weren’t moving enough of it to warrant keeping it on the books. Our apologies to those who’ll miss it, or who found us looking for it.

Sayonara Soy Protein Powder

Stock depleted in September, 2017

Our manufacturer for this product stopped producing it a little while back, and we’ve now sold through our remaining stock. We do have pea protein powder if you’re looking for a high protein alternative.

Spring Cleaning 2017

Making some room this May

We’re discontinuing a few things this spring. Fructose, Kasha, Japonica and Madagascar Rice, Hard Julien sun-dried Tomato and Annatto seeds.

Unsalted Americona Almonds

April Fooled Ourselves in 2017

We had a brief stint with unsalted Americona Almonds. Regular Sprouted Americona Almonds are one of our most popular varieties, and we thought we’d give their unsalted sibling a shot. But we weren’t too thrilled with them, and there didn’t seem to be much interest, so we chocked it up to experimentation and took back the room on our shelves.

The regular salted Americonas are still available, and as delicious as ever.

Salted & Sprouted Americona Almonds

Fava Beans

We said fava-well in February, 2017

Fava beans have been around for quite a while, with cultivation dating back to the iron age in england. They go by many names, including Faba, Broad, Horse, English, Scotch, Field Rounded, or Windsor Beans. But no matter how many names we can identify them by, they just weren’t in demand enough to justify keeping them in stock.

Red Beans

Saw the last of these in January, 2017

Red Beans are a plump, round bean with a deep brick red color. This bean is about 1/2 inch long with a mild flavor and firm texture and holds its shape well. Not a popular one for us, so we say goodbye.

Mirin and Dulse

Discontinued January 11, 2017

We’ve discontinued Dusle Sea Vegetable Flakes as well as Mirin Cooking Wine. Dulse is a sea vegetable dried into flakes that are packed with fiber, protein, vitamins and trace minerals and antioxidants. They can be used as a flavoring over rice or popcorn, sprinkled over salads or eggs, or used in soup. It’s a neat product, but demand just isn’t there.

Mirin is a Japanese cooking wine made from short grain brown rice and brewed in cedar kegs. It has a natural hint of sweetness, and is an essential part of many Japanese dishes. It too just isn’t in demand.

Amaretto and Creme de Menthe Extracts

Just not that into these as of January, 2017

We’re discontinuing two of our flavorings that just aren’t selling. Amaretto and Creme de Menthe are both gone. We have almond and mint extracts still, which are the primary flavors behind each of those liqueurs. So between not being very popular, and also being a little redundant, we decided to remove them from the line up.

Shop Now for Almond Extract

Shop Now for Mint Extract

All our other extracts can be seen on our Extracts & Flavorings category page.

Custard Extract

Discontinued in January, 2017

Custard extract is gone. This one doesn’t have an obvious replacement like the almond or mint from last year, but was even less popular. Our apologies if you found us while on the hunt for this product.

Jacob’s Cattle Bean

Ran their course in November, 2016

Jacob’s Cattle Beans are originally form Germany and are also known as Trout or Dalmatian Beans. They are full-flavored, hold their shape under long cooking, stand up well to plenty of seasoning, and possess a rich aroma.

This was a product we brought on to replace Anasazi beans when their was crop shortage. We kept them around for a while, but there just wasn’t much interest once the Anasazi was back in full supply.

Check out our Anasazi Beans

Seafood Seasoning

Sold through in July, 2016

Our seafood seasoning was an Old Bay style spice blend perfect for fish. However, our customers just never really took to it. We ordered it once, and the demand just wasn’t there to reorder it after that.

Tabouli Salad Mix

Gone since June, 2016

Tabouli salad mix isn’t one we chose to discontinue. Our supplier for it hasn’t shipped it to us for months, and eventually we just have to face facts. This one may return if we can track it down again.


Sold the last of it in February, 2016

Guava was an exclusive at Mount Hope. A sweet and tangy dried fruit rich in vitamins A and C. Unfortunately, the producer stopped making it, and it is no longer available.

Gaba Rice

Off the shelves since April, 2015

Germinated rice has a higher nutrient content. The enzymes and amino acids that lie dormant waiting to feed the new plant are allowed to activate as germination begins. The flavor is also stronger due to this. However, it was a bit pricier than other rices, and proved to slow a seller to keep on the shelf.

7 Grain Cereal

Missed the cut on November, 2014

7-Grain Cereal is freshly ground and slow turned from a unique blend of flavorful whole grains. It is a good source of fiber and packed with nutrition. However, demand for the product just hasn’t been there, and we’ve discontinued it.

The product included the following organic ingredients: Whole Grain Cracked Wheat, Steal Cut Oats, Soybean Grits, Wheat Bran, Whole Grain Buckwheat Grits, Yellow Corn Grits, Whole Grain Millett.

You can see the other cereal products we have available today on our Cereals & Granolas category page.

Granny Smith Apple Wedges

Got the axe in September, 2014

Another that we wish we could still get and provide to you. Cinnamon sprinkled green apple wedges were delicious with a great chewy texture. If we can get them back (and we do keep trying), we’ll make a big deal about it.

Razz Cherries

Heartbreakingly unavailable since June, 2014

After years as one of our most popular and beloved products, we are no longer able to source Razz Cherries. But don’t lose heart, we have two other dried cherries that may be able to help ease the pain.

Bing Cherries are ripened to their peak of sweetness and immediately dried and packaged to preserve their fresh and natural flavor. Despite their name, Tart Cherries are actually sweeter than the bing, being further sweetened with a bit of added sugar.

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